Communicating with Seeds

I have wrote in the past, about a method of communicating with plants. It is simple, to do, and hopefully you will look back for it.  There are many plants, and a lot to be said, between us and them. The communication is happening all the time, but you can specify things a bit, like dialing a phone number. This is a Tai Chi meditation, and it is not something to toy around with if you are not serious about Tai Chi. Plants can control you, mess with your head, scare you, and in fact they will and do. So it is a Tai Chi practice that we can feel, and Balance, and process these communications. The communications have potential to alter your life, your dreams, your thoughts, your interpretations, your feelings, and more, over the time that you are drinking the gallon of water, and processing it. Which would be about 3 TAGs,  if you refer back to may calendar, 3 TAGs is a STATE. Respect, and honor the plant, its beauty will help ground the information, in connection to your communications.

Some seeds, can also communicate, in a way, because it is connected to the plants. But it is also connected to something else, that is invisible. In fact, a seed is  a master. A seed will actually use Tai Chi, to gather energy and create and grow. The Seven Pillars of Truth, are all contained within this small seed, in a way. Just by holding it in your hand, and thinking about the process of a seed, you can learn..

The process is similar, to communicating with plants.  However, with the leaf, i do not feel it is to ill effect to use a plastic bottle, as long as you do not leave it in the sun to long. With a Seed, you may prefer to use a glass container, also about 1 Gallon. Distilled Water, just as with the leaf, method.  And a seed. One SEED, from your area.

You can, if you want, add a few DROPS of tap water to the gallon.  If you want set the gallon in the sun for a few minutes before you add the seed to it. Seeds may also involve temperature specific situations to activate. They are going to be very sensitive, to anything, and you will have to come up with methods of choosing where to put the container. But you are going to put it in a DARK place. Most likely a closet for your first runs. 3 TAGS(normal calendar days). Then causally drink the water , just like you normally would until its gone.

Because seeds Are sensitive and may need special care or timing, in some instances, it is best to just choose the ones , that are more invasive plants,strong annuals that grow easily. They will be everywhere. Pick it, let it dry and develop, before you use it. The harder or more crystallized it is the more information it can contain around it. Which will saturate the water, as well the water will be imprinted with the energy that the seed is gathering. Plasma.

We are not looking for a sprout here, although some may sprout, a bit, but we are looking for a little change in the seed, to indicate it is activated and there will be plasma in the water. However, you do not want to take the seed out of the dark. You may have to do some trial and error. If you pull your water and you have a 3 inch long sprout, that seed may only need  one TAG to activate. Not all seeds will work with this process.

The process of communication , is  Tai Chi. If you have done this to a seed, and you are not putting a conscious effort towards the water you are drinking, you may not notice anything. However, if you have done this to a seed,  you are not putting a conscious effort towards the water,  and you feel a lot of things, the seed is probably too powerful or high vibration. It is not effort to get High or disorientated.

Caution here. Is that many seeds are toxic. Do not eat them, unless you know they are safe to eat. Do not eat the seed, from the water as it still may contain toxins. Do not use more then one seed in the gallon. Nor is this a one seed per gallon measurement.  It is a one seed per container measurement. The activation of the seed, will render it more neutral, and the dilution will also render it more consumable.  Do not drink the water with haste, just drink at a normal rate.



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