Male or Female?

You will find, a lot of information that states, that one side of your body is male side and other is female. That it is split down the middle, and that maybe in your brain this is reversed.  This seems to very  much like common knowledge and even , common sense knowledge. Well once again, i am going to claim this as Fake News, and once again it is fake in conjunction with a gender role.

If you consider religion to be Fake News, you will also see there how Gender plays a role, as GoD is considered Male, and this is pushed as common knowledge, Even Though females are directly responsible for creating life. We have pointed out to our Offspring, many times that as parents, we are not gods? We are not our childs, Gods?  The word GODS is meaning 2 or more.  Much confusion is injected, into the reality of this, right from the start. Yet, as parents, you created that Child, and much of the process of that seems to be a female function.

Well up until very recently in our current understanding of these things ,  We had no knowledge of what hormones where, and how they could effect, an animals, distribution of things, related to this male and female “essence”. We basically , had visual reference and the moralistic banter of fake news in relations to the GODS.  Some of this information, maybe better then others, But clearly, messed up, and probably for a profit to someone out there.  It is highly possible , that hormones and Gods, have a relationship, in that it was people ways of explaining hormonal reactions in the body. At one time, there may have been quite a clear communication through the symbolism developed around these things. It is even possible that summoning one of these Gods, is a pathway, to that hormonal response in the body. Story telling, is obviously a key to this. Although, this section is not about that.

This section is simply about, braking up the Idea that you have two halves, cut down the middle, one male, one female.  Look at your ARM,  Do you have a rougher hairy side, and a soft hairless side? Is the soft side more sensitive to touch, and has feelings that stay longer then the hairy side?  So consider the hairy side to be male orientated, and the female side to be the soft side. So you do not have one completely hairy arm, and one soft and floppy hairless arm. Each arm utilizes both for some reason. This kind of thing is happening all over your body, and there is no one way to have a Body. It may be that these different parts possess different types of capacitance, and inductance.  But, it your body, and you know how these things feel.

Tai Chi, works with any principle it can find in the body, to gather energy, and ground light. The hair on your body, the lines on your hands and feet, the soft skin of your forearms, The color in your lips. All these things have an original purpose, and they also have other uses, and you can use these things in regard to Tai Chi. It is of benefit, to observe and align to some degree, if those different parts, and functions are female or male, because you may be able to get a better understanding about it, and yourself.



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