Resonant Inductive Coupling

The use of Hi-Fi Temple, in the context of Tai Chi ,  Scientifically could be referred to as Bio-mechanical resonant inductive coupling. It is a conscious intent, to become part of a multi-band resonant reaction magnetic near field. It was most likely Tesla’s intent to bring this to the world, and he Did, SUCCESSFULLY.  The components to create these  fields are most likely right within your reach. The conscious intent, however is a different matter, as well the focus on the Seven pillars of Truth, and a practical Tai Chi Life style(only meaning balance).

All Three of Those matters, is in some way in constant peril, because we have a generalization spinning in a direction away from consciousness, In which we have to confront energetically.  This generalization, has shown that it will  blow itself up, in the quest for proof, power always has to be greater and greater. This is an over dose mentality, you can see, just by looking at mankind’s consumption of alcohol.  Moderation, in all things, is the ultimate Truth you can give to this generalization. But balance is a conscious intent.

Your ears will tell you ” hey man this shit is too loud, turn it down, Turn it down”. Its not going to kill you, to have it too loud, but it is creating some problems. If certain death is the safety protocol, there is no balance.

Look at your hands, as we do, in this teaching, ever since day one, or go back to the beginning of this blog, and start from there.  The surface area, of your hands is a multi-band resonant inductive coupling “tool” or just HAND(if you can think of a good acronym). It is infused with consciousness, and connected to computative modulation unit, as well as many more APPs , built into the system.  It is referred to as a PLANAR INDUCTOR.

If you have a scientific background, and understand this, concept, you might want to rethink what your body is and how it works, and where energy actually comes from?   Tai Chi means Supreme-Ultimate, And at this point in the lessons/Blog, we are basically moving up to the next level. There is no Hurry, and in fact, I am not even done editing and completing the past text, but the main framework is there.

The last Few Blogs, are basically an intro to the next sections, or chapter.  I feel, I have put plenty of information, before this.  I am not even sure, if the next part will be digital text form . I may look over You Tube and find videos i feel are to the point, and make a list, of which over time will probably be outdated.




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