Videos Of Tai Chi

Flamenco is certainly a Tai Chi Practice, The FLAME .

There are clear examples of Dithering and Gathering energy, as well as allowing the energy to express in the body, As well the use of music and sound.

a man doing some Slower form of Tai Chi

this video, shows a few useful things to see, and also Ideas.

this Guy does some experiments

This girl is walking  and recording her experience, I think this is a good video not because I think she has a moral right to anything, but it demonstrates energy. You can go walk way out in the wood with no one around, or you can walk in public? Same thing with Tai Chi practice, If you do Your Tai Chi in public, many people will look at you and maybe say something to you, maybe ask questions, or even insult you.

This video shows an “unattractive ” woman walking, and she gets a lot less attention from other people. There are some lessons in those two videos, that can be important in Tai Chi Practice. I have no Moralistic opinion on these videos, The merely demonstrate part of the practice of walking. Both women were moving through dimension and breaking up density, and both women were dithering.

Time lapse walk in the woods. Demonstrates the multidemisionality of walking. Perhaps this makes some point with the previous 2 videos also.

Ok so next we have a video about sound, and the brain. This video does in fact show, the connection between Tai Chi and Hi-Fi temple, In which we use a mono-Field, and our own brain to create dimension.


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