Theory of Tai Chi

One of the first things I mention and talk about is The Idea that when you become LIGHT whats outside of you Becomes more DENSE (also the inverse). If you try and think about This Theory in with the popularly held Idea, that there is a limited amount of energy in the universe, Then it would take you to  the Conclusion that the universe is a careful balance, that must be held in order to live. It seems that these conclusions are very mainstream, or at least secret fears of people who have thought about life and the world, as it seems. X

Instead however, it seems more likely that there is a constant birthing of energy, from an unseen place or places that should flow out of us and through us, and that we can call upon and use in practice, with our thoughts ,desires, movements.   There is also the constant modulation and movements because of consciousnesses(our own, and others). It is difficult to say what kind of movement occurred before consciousness became aware of itself. It has been described as a grand reveree or slumber (in the story of The Original Cause), but some energies, where in effect along with darkness and space, some movements had been happening , and perhaps even , in theory , attempts not to move so much  for  a feeling that movement would increase consciousness? At the very first movements, and wakefulness, there was a hesitation as to what was happening, and what it could mean?

The theory, is that we possess a “mechanic”, within our consciousness that creates the perceived limits of this energy, especially in relation to our own bodies, or  perception of our selves in relation to what is outside of us. A relation to what we perceive/ believe/ Judge we are as a -self identified- consciousness emergence. This mechanic of imprinting inspires misunderstandings about experience and movement, which has over time settled into a generalization.

In theory , we can say, perhaps intuition about what was happening in the beginning was sending messages and understanding out, about the “responsibility of consciousness”, and because of the lack of complexity, it was probably right on, about itself, Creating a truth, that was not completely interpreted as desirable by the totality (creating complexity). In some ways , just because change can be hard to accept sometimes? , and in other ways out of confusion?, certain Denials of energies and feeling started happening. Some things began to be held outside of consciousness. Yet these things, still had an effect on consciousness, and the experience. They did not just go away, However, the experience these things had, was not a positive experience, It was a warped experience, riddled with darkness and density, and eventually pain and suffering. In some cases Progressing until numbness and death in those parts. Encoding the surface of consciousness with an experiential program memory that was very undesirable to look at. Leading to misunderstanding upon Misunderstanding.

Perhaps, Even just a consideration of the intuitive feeling, and a little more time with the surface and moment of that, would have yielded a more productive exploration at the origin of consciousness. This may have led to some more effective systems, from the beginning? But we can not change the past,we can however, through understanding change how we feel about the past, and collect more consciousness.

In a way, In theory, we can say, that this sort of initial circuit of action and motion, in regard to these things and consciousness, was and is the opposite of Tai Chi Practice. By understanding what not to do, we can gain some insight into what to do. The information for this, is now embedded in the original consciousness, and insight can be gained and evolved, by efforts to make an alignment with this information. You can ask for this , and look for it anywhere, and even within. We are not the trailblazers, of this knowledge, just like with most things. We can however use our own consciousness to , form original and creative effect, and embed the information in our own lives until it has a real outcome, and we begin to feel real change in the world. Seeing information penetrate the generalization and cause much needed movement, in places of long held density.

One(or another) of the reasons, this information is difficult to grasp, and takes time to understand. Also being that you must, develop the information over time, into yourself,  into your surroundings, and put the light into the earth. Is in theory, that DNA holds different gateways of understanding connections, related to possible outcomes of information or forms that the information may take. Including Human form, other animal forms, plant forms, and even somewhere in between. A communication can occur, through certain methods of coupling, but it is certain that we live in an experience with some limitations as to how conscious we can be. Your particular consciousness adds a tone, or timbre to information as well. We are coupled with our bodies, and even through some action of “inductance”?, trapped(in our bodies).

Like I have stated Before, I figured this information out when I was very young, and it evolved to a great understanding around 1991.  The time I have experienced, since then, may have very well been thousands of years of time, in my previous understanding of time. At some point , I realized, it was almost impossible to simply convey the information to another person, or teach them (although they would listen to me, because i think they felt an expansive nature). People are also not jumping out of the woodwork, to learn it.  Science and technology, are using and studying some of the principles, however, they are not openly talking about monitoring systems(like our bodies). In fact industry has limited monitoring down to a 4×6 screen you carry in your pocket, and use to pretend you have lots of friends and know what they are doing. Someone is in fact monitoring, and most likely using your computing power, for other purposes. Meanwhile, “they/we” are manipulating the way you think and feel. The real benefits of computing, for the public, are not much different now, then they were 20 years ago? And what did people ever do before computers? Well your body is , and has advanced computing, and other functions of an advanced nature that can be found and evolved. Computing science, is at the point where it can go no futhur then to just learn from nature, which is evidently why, Micro-dosing LSD has become a silicon valley standard. However, all computer science has ever really done is learn from nature, so its perfectly OK to look/feel to nature for answers, and questions.

Evolving a theory,   IS a conscious effort. Many, many things exist, that would not have existed if people just gave up because of the initial results. In fact some of the greatest technology break through s, in our reality, occurred after years of “failure” and “focus”,  If you have a feeling about something, it is possible you are just on a learning curve towards understanding the thing. There are really no short cuts, in many instances of things, and you may have to go through processing of connecting the DOTS, towards, the manifestation of your desire.

Somewhere in my blog order, is a theory called Skeptical Tai Chi. I want to connect this to the Threshold Understanding, and also the concept , Knowledge of Uncertainty. Knowledge of uncertainty , something that many people would compare to, Margin of Error, In regard to Tai Chi is not really Margin of Error, because Error, would collapse the system, and Tai Chi itself, is not going to collapse. In “fact” Uncertainty is more of a buffer, then an error. In many cases, it will become just as important as what, you are not skeptical about or, maybe even more Important. Uncertainty itself, can and will receive energy.




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