You probably will not completely understand, the blog unless you go further back, to pick up on concepts like dithering. Spinzaar is for me,  about an idea, that I can not seem to prove. The idea :  That my understanding,  knowledge, life experience, creativity, and desires , can help and inspire other humans to expand beyond the perceived limitations of reality.

Shining a bright light into a dark room blinds the people who are there.  Also, the light that these people use to see the way, does not  align with the light that I use. They are not exactly opposing forces.  But they are compounding, in a way that creates quirky results. I have been in some tight situations, of opposition. It can also be quite uncomfortable for people to change the way they live.  Top it Off, with the results of my understanding changing your life in a way that, may present many difficulties, well this just makes it hard to promote.

So this is my disclaimer. Make sure you are ready!  If you do manage to expand enough through what I present, you will not be able to turn back. You will become a different kind of being, than what is, “human normal”.

This blog is about tai chi. Beyond all that, I need an avenue of expression. This is it.