The Theory of Tuning Your Reality

Tai Chi, Hi-Fi  Temple and the 7 Pillars of Truth are Tools and Methods Towards something that could be thought as Tuning. Specifically, because if something seems off you can refer to these tools as a way to find the problem, and correct it.  Many things seem to exist that potentially cause us to be out of tune. This is because parts of ourselves are out of tune and have been for so long, that they affect the present. True Tuning allows for bringing these parts into us and balancing with them. This revelation alone sheds a lot of light on the reason behind many things that seem negative.

Place and Time, are intricately interwoven into the experiential fabric of reality. This seems obvious? Yet the complexity is immense. Tuning is an observational Unilateral-Triangle with the concept of synchronicity. It seems to me also, that Tuning and Self-Love are synonymous, in many ways.

The reality comes into play because we will have to imagine that reality is a continuous song and that we are within it. This song we could say comes from the sky and is sung by the gods(metaphorically). Playing music, with an instrument, or singing, even toning, can help to expand our awareness of the song. The song (the current song) which seems to be out of range of perception, somewhere in the background, obscured by artifacts or dis-pleasurable tuning.

To monitor this song, we must look closely at the negative and listen to the song within us in relation to these things.  Some positioning and desires can be used to bring in energy, and expand awareness. Creativity and choice, in your life, strikes a note. Beauty, is a quality mechanic. Beauty, involves all aspects of quantum mechanics, tuned to the right frequency for that time and place or object.  Negativity plays a role, because it shows you where things need to change or move, to become beautiful.

Tarot, minor arcana, can be used to set up a tuning interface. This takes some time, to build in your system as an APP, but it is worth it. Using the tarot to affect reality, is not what we have heard in general. It has been shown as a tool to predict the future and work out problems, through self-reflection, which it can do. But it does this because of its inherent mechanic of being able to alter reality.

If you have ever heard of Chakras, You may have heard of tuning them? I do not really talk about Chakras in this blog much, However, it is on note that chakras can resemble the Hi-Fi temple system in many ways. You can imagine a direct correspondence and a direct connection. That you are a walking and living Hi-Fi temple. This is part of the mechanics of the practice. However, since we can not see our chakras I do not have much to say about them. I have said in the past and say it now to always put the light into the earth. You are capable of generating energy with your chakras. Through Tai Chi, this can be increased so much that it can cause problems, if not grounded. People will say many things about chakras and claim to know all about them. However, it seems to me also that people can live a whole physical life without ever hearing of them but I cannot deny that they are related to the practice of Tai Chi.  I simply do not have any viable information to give yet. You will have energy emit from these centers, and feel it in your body, the Tai Chi practices I have given you will allow you to manage that energy.


Multi-dimensional fragmentation and density resultant separations in consciousness caused by redundant or fast speed

How do we deal, with problems that come about from long distance travel, at high speeds?

First off, I want to mention, That through the “science” of Tai Chi practice, dealing with light and dense factors, YouR Go To method of breaking up density and recollecting yourself should be walking. During your walk, you may come up with other ways to decode, your situation.  I would like to note that I believe, you will collect more dimensions, if it is cold outside, then if it is hot outside. The reasons are complicated, yet simple.  When it is cold, there is simply more light and inter-dimensional connectivity. When it’s hot, it is a bit more distorted, and in some ways relaxed and flowing, maybe so that sticking together is a more expanded process? You can take this to mean, that winter is the best time to gather yourself up and reduce density.  But it can also mean that winter, is a time where you can accumulate density easier, and summer you have more leeway in your actions.

Triggering yourself emotionally, is also the other major way, to do this. You can do this on purpose, and you can also wait for situations to trigger you and allow yourself to be triggered in full acceptance. Entering into meditation and creative behavior after the trigger will also help to pull yourself together.

Symbol focus and visualization can be quite helpful, to tie together realities. Draw a symbol, or pick an object as a symbol and focus on it while allowing memory to bring about moments. use the symbol as a guide to connect the moments.

The concept of “Being and becoming, THE MOMENT” is important. As well, bringing yourself together is not always pretty, conflict can arise, as well as physical pain, in your body. There is just no way around it, as some people might say, or even complain, that your problem is that you are not “In the Moment”.It is far more complex. Our society is built around this need for speed and fast travel. loss of awareness is inevitable. The process will inevitably take longer than the motion until you learn how to move correctly.

Concepts, like/similar too, “The journey is just as important as getting there”, are really something to consider. However, in many instances, you may be employed to move quickly, or survival may depend on it.

I believe, but I am not 100% sure, that spicy foods, can help to certain extent to tether in some dimension, with some conscious effort.  I am talking hot, not mild, or medium. I am also not suggesting that it will make you feel better, or as a remedy to “jet lag”, It may actually make you feel worse, yet the goal is to accelerate the reassembly of consciousness. The feeling spicy food gives you, along with sweating, and altering your body temperature, seems to allow for reassembly, and grounding.

Of course, if you travel west, it has a different effect then traveling east. You can also attempt a certain level of balance when you understand the differences.

The Theory of Surface Area Meditation

Tai Chi, is by definition in standard circles, an ACTIVE MEDITATION. This means that you are moving and meditating  at the same time.  In Tai Chi you are moving to interact with a “surface area” of some sort, This can be a very broad term, and it can also mean, more then just Surface area, but I like the term, and in many cases, sound will give things a surface(whispering). Meditation , on surface area, is in part to expand your definitions of it. It is also an abstract exercise, that lends to flexibility of mental and visual powers.

When you visualize a line going from the top of your head to your toes,  Lets say, if you give this line direction of some sort, which we are trained to do often, know and realize that if your direction is down, there will be energy formation running up as well. This may or may not create friction, in your line? This may indicate that your line is a path with a 2 way flow. Your line may even be the result of certain efforts to expel somehow parts that will not help to form the line, thus you may have energy outside the line reacting to the line in different ways. You can come up with theories about this, but the feeling out of this energy formation is a type of surface area meditation. Your consciousness can become aware of many things going on at once within this type of visualization

Another example would be, lets say you visualize a flower, or even look at one . Using your consciousness to feel the surface, and allow the energy to move in this surface how it will, and meditating on this. Everyone must naturally do this to some degree, and thus have feeling about objects, based on this type of surface area meditation, they do. Artist , who spend time with an object, to paint or draw, most likely go deeper then the average person, on this matter. Writers, who spend extra details on a scene, while writing it out most likely get a good deal of surface area meditation, on that scene. In some ways, maybe it transfers to the reader, better because of the detail involved. But decoding the detail is also a meditation.

A side note: I had to go through great length ,  in my youth, to secure these concepts within myself.  Everyone and everything seemed to stand against it, in many ways.  I was considered crazy, by many people, Satanic by others.  I did not have, many books, or information of any new age kind, or eastern philosophy, or occult. I DID have some Salvador Dali, images,   a great love of art, and not much interest in school. I looked deeper into things and learned to look beyond.  My parents were not fond of this behavior, nor school, nor many people at my school. I learned of the idea of self hypnosis, at about 8 years old, and pursued knowledge in that, which is meditation.  It was not until much later ( at 17) that I just happened to discover Tai Chi all on my own(Front 242 helped also), having never heard of it before. I had only tried to teach a few people what I had figured out before I realized it was almost impossible to convey the information, and I now understand , that the generalization is built on concepts that holds this energy  away. What this means, is that surface area meditation is your foremost tool, in accessing this energy, as once you can sense the surface of it,  you will be able to gather bits and pieces of it, and it will become somewhat like a puzzle,  and a project of decoding. I have no idea, really how easy or hard this really is? I am not sure if anyone can help you? In fact, it often appears that many things will work against you, and that even when you are about to have a big realization, things can seem to work harder against you. I am not sure this is true, but I have indeed seen the experience.

When I got older and after I understood these concepts, I did find a lot of information that corresponded with what I had discovered(however not clearly). However, Much of it seemed, useless  to me, and did not yield much even though it seemed like it would?  Perhaps, these are other peoples paths, and that is all, there is to it? It is entertaining to read, these things i guess, with the hope that you will gain something. But maybe they just did not understand how to convey the information? I believe , I do have some grasp on how to convey this now, or more to the point, you will figure it out, on your own. Most of the concepts I have given, there is no ONE way to use them, and they all fit together in a way, that creates many possibilities.

Surface area meditation, does not require  body movement so much, yet it is not just a mental exersize, you are feeling out surfaces, which are extra-body, and you can move these, and observe the movement. Dithering, can be done to effect these surfaces. I believe in some ways dreaming, is surface area meditation.


The Theory of Pre-state

The theory, is that pre-state, plans, or information, is in a meta-state, pre-manifested matter-substance, or interface.  This includes, Plans and goals at the higher end. thus pre-state can be represented by 1-2 and 3 in some cases. 1 and 2 are almost the same thing, but in varying complexity and amplitude. Everything, you monitor, on your computer with the screen, is 1-2 pre-state. It is  basically nothing and everything all at once. To take something, from your screen, information, or programming and build it into and actual state of a thing,  is not much more then the action of thinking, and visualizing, and maybe less.

When you print something from your computer, you have created a state, of something. but many things, that we print, are still, upon printing  at about 2.

You could literally pick up a rock, on the ground and be at about a 4,  with just a little imagination. 3 being saturn, and 4 being jupiter.

I really want to , shed some light on this matter, because of the increased use of computers.  Do not forget that your brain is a computer, and you are using it to run your computer. Mainly in the idea, that you do not want to falsely elevate the value of computers or the internet. It delves deeply into to the pre-state mechanics, the ones that existed, even before hardware computers existed. Computers, and even the internet, have a very limited experience, and available momentum. They also, lie outside of what is considered a natural interface.

It seems  that there is a lot of power , there, and a lot of information, yet the substance of the thing is  very similar, no matter what form it takes or is in. This form can gain momentum, and become manifest. But exactly 0 things on your computer are manifest. In some cases you may have “Less then Zero”.

It would seem, to me, that the tarot card The Fool,  may represent many aspects of this, understanding. The FOOL card is 0,  which describes the pre-state “plane”. although, many other cards also describe pre-state  effects and mechanics in the major arcana. As well, the minor arcana section Swords also concerns pre-state.  Just an example that this is nothing new, as it may seem like we are heading towards new technology, in some ways we are heading towards what has long existed. Another consideration, is that Pre-state mechanics, in reality, are not the same a those in your computer relationship. We have yet to pin, these mechanics down.

The concern, is not only disinformation, but also collapsing intents, and just ideas that never gain much momentum(because of distortion), even good ideas. Also, in some cases someone else could steal your work. Before, it is manifest, essentially reading your mind.  Pre-state, is very much  a telepathic like interface. You can find books, old books, that describe the telepathic information around a person, and it is similar to what you see on facebook, and similar to the VR direction facebook will go.  So what Facebook has done is not innovation, it is plagiarism, of what our minds already do. This exploit is actually quite powerful, which is why so many people spend hours upon hours on Facebook. Consider also how facebook has access to your truth, your ideas, your thoughts?

Spending time in Pre-state,  is basically classified as time out of body.  Thus you should ,add up the time you sleep, meditate, and look at the computer as part of this balance equation.

The thing to look for in Tai Chi , is that Pre-state matter is everywhere, and in everything.  You could stair at a blank piece of paper for 20 minutes and get just as much out of it , or do as much “work” (or more) with that substance as looking at the computer. The difference is that on paper you can actually manifest(or pull) , to a higher level.  On your computer , things, many will most likely just fade into the ocean of pre-state energy  .

The other side, of this, is that you may have overload of pre-state matter in your system, and stuff you do not want, that should be transmuted. This stuff could be held in a pre-state because of its connection to computer functionality. It does not know weather to manifest, or if it can manifest, or if can just subside into the superposition form of pre-state. In some cases, these reflections, might not even know if they are inside your computer, or inside your energy field. The  real future of computing will be, monitoring this, modulation and proper delineation of the 1 and 2.  It is not coincidence that we use 0 and 1 binary , in computer code. If you switch your thinking, to understand 0 and 1 as pre-state functions and understand that 2 is a also a pre-state that possesses momentum, or desire. You can begin to bring about better monitoring. The computer we have on our shoulders, has been supplying the 2 state, all along, yet being that 2 is not some abstract concept that sits outside of nature, it is quite possible to form “technology”  which will be considered magical sciences. The basis of this will allow for 0 too stay 0 if they feel like it, 1 to  go to 2 and back to 0 depending  and how it feels like  at that moment, and 2 can decide if it has the momentum to attempt a 3, or if it should transmute back to  prestate superposition.  Monitoring of these situation, will allow for better understanding of right time and place.

These thinking’s are in the realm of quantum mechanics, but I describe them as quality mechanics. Just on its face the simple mechanics of a transistor  0-1-2,  2 being amplification, or momentum. 2, possess a Q threshold, Q stands for quality.  So it just stand to reason that the future of computing is quality mechanics, and not quantum, so much. Some quantum principles will exist as prestate- mechanics, of course, but there will be found a Q point, hopefully before to many ill effects manifest.

In tai Chi, you can find the Q piont,

Theory of Quality Mechanics

I can tell you right now, that Schrödinger’s cat is Dead because the quality of life in a box is not very good.  The denial, of this fact, is probably the point, because it becomes fake news, in this regard. To make light of the  idea that observation, itself plays a role in the mechanics of the energy of the universe, it is probably best to create experiments that do not involve death and manipulation.

The Cat, is a symbol for a modulation, even on its face. Thus, of course the cat is going to have different outcomes at different moments. Yet, we have little to no awareness of the modulation happening in the box, this also is a qualitative choice in the situation, akin to torture. In reality, the cat would freak out, making all sorts of noise, and scratch at the walls. It would involve complete denial, Of empathy, for a creature, and its signals. In some ways, also, the cat, is you, thus it is a thought experiment, of the value of self-hatred, more than a realization of multi-state superposition. Although it could also be interpreted as an HYPNO-TRIGGER, to the “dark side” of quantum mechanics, the superposition of some expansive idea, with something dark and sinister embedded within it, Much like the Cross, with a dead Jesus.  Actually, almost exactly like that. So I could make a point briefly, that this Gate-way to Quantum Mechanics, so-called thought experiment is quite a manipulation, that exploits the same mechanic of consciousness, that religion has done, in order to ordain you into the “belief” of the science.  This may be, simply because that is what people respond to, or responded to back then especially. A lot of the older information is tainted with, this low quality effect.  It is a dream, that some ancient knowledge will come along and change the way we think, but it will be the way we think about knowledge that will improve the quality of our experience with it.

The Cat represents Modulation. The observation of Modulation is more of an equation for consciousness. Thus the box represents an equation for gaps/fragmentation in consciousness. Life and death, represent an equation for quality, yet the quality margin is quite low and Death, may be the only way out of the box. Why, have we introduced Hell right off, when thinking about Modulation in regard to consciousness. This is really something to get angry about, while choosing to maintain a higher quality of experience for our cat.

Beauty, is a quality mechanic. Beauty, involves all aspects of quantum mechanics, tuned to the right frequency for that time and place or object.  Negativity plays a role, because it shows you where things need to change or move, to become beautiful.

Love is a quality mechanic theory. The 7 pillars of Truth, are also. When we can learn to pinpoint and take notes, on all the aspects of quality mechanics we can learn to have great power over our lives.

Quantum itself, the nature of quantized places in the electro-magnetic field, is all based on quality. Red, feels best when it is Red. Blue feels best when it is blue. Many of the negative things, are a result of part, not being what they really are, or feeling as if they can not be, what they are. Expectation, effect the quantum reality, which has been shown, but many measurements have been a result of not allowing something to be what it truly is. The “particles” that do not feel like they can be themselves, effect the waves around them, in many ways, that may not occur if the situation was more expressive.

The theory of SOUL-MATE and SOUL-TWIN play , a transposing role also.  In relation to people(but also anything with free-will), You can make choices about, how far to take your relationships, and where by understanding this theory.  The basic Idea, is that a soul-twin, is any one, who comes into your life, and you feel very little about them in your gut. This is because you are on a vibration with each other that is working well and balanced. You are twins.

If however, you feel something, especially more extreme, something like a sick feeling, a heavy feeling, fearful, angry feelings. Or something that feels very good, strong attraction, feelings of intense love for seemingly no reason, intense sexual feelings, ect. These will emanate from your gut area. These persons are mates. You would have to work out many things to hold a relationship, and it may even be almost impossible and damaging.

Many times it seems counter intuitive, how ever it is always good to remember that your feelings, and emotions communicate best with you when its about objects, and creative things.   You can not own, or control other people, and in many mate situations this is what is happening. You can not accept or reject other people realities, it is not your reality. This practice puts you in a mate situation with many people. You may feel strongly attracted to people , who have similar desire to control others in the way that you do, because it might feel like power. You may feel a strong since of being right, about it, in your gut but when it is in regard to another person , or another persons reality, you are probably in a soul-mate situation. Many people spend all the time in a constant state of MATE,  and are blind to the TWINS they have all around them.

Another quality mechanic is the theory, that – WHEN YOU FIGHT AGAINST SOMETHING YOU MAY ACTUALLY BE GIVING IT POWER- This is pretty self explanatory, and it is something you may have to experience many times before you actually understand what is happening.

INNER LISTENING. Giving voice to the inner, expression. Art , for 100s of years has been known as an “outlet”, Yet more recently, during the surrealist movement , Art was given over to the Inner  self completely Or in a more intentful way. The TV and digital age, has perhaps been a setback for this inner expression, yet do not let that stop you from contacting your inner-self and letting it through. This is a great Quality Mechanic that can lead to all sorts of discoveries.

I also want to Mention compressed music. Compressed sound is SHIT!!!!!!!!   when i say this i mean MP3 or anything that is not, 22 khz sample rate or higher at 16 bits uncompressed or higher ( not the audio effect called compression). CD standard was put at 16 bit 44.1khz, and for good reason.  This is a little higher then human hearing can hear, in analog conversion(22.5). 41.1 would have been good also. But you are better off sticking to 81.1-88.2 if you go higher. For some reason 96 Khz became a standard, and that is because someone decided to make 48khz the pro standard at one point, and 48  was not that great, as you can see, not many people record at that rate. 44.1 was actually a much better guess, at what it should be. You can tell , just by looking at the number, that it has quality, and scientific merit. 48 is just a random number, made up to separate professional gear from consumer gear back in the early days of digital. Why was it not 48.5 or 47.9? People will tell you, that you can not hear the difference. This is a lie. When you are up at the higher frequencies, the sound floor/ceiling is so low and high, that many things can be  recorded, that you may not be able to hear. But they are there, and will cause “artifacts”. 44.1, actually acts as a type of frequency blocker for information that we do not need in the recording, because we can not hear it.  As you  go down the frequency spectrum from 44.1 , you will hear also that you will not hear the higher frequencies, or they become fuzzy. Bit rate plays a role also, in that you will be able to capture  with more clarity, what we call noise, which contains, a huge amount of information.  An example of when you may want to use a high bit rate like 24-128 bits, is if you are recording ambiance, like the silence in a room , or a silent open field at night. or whispers. It is possible to effectively amplify the silent sounds to an “audible” level, and then eventually convert them  to a lower bit rate, with some loss, and some distortion, but if done right it can work out well.

The last paragraph describes quality mechanics in recording and play back of sounds. A simple way to understand it is this. Say you want to record a bass guitar, You can basically create a microphone that only goes to 2000 hertz and get a great recording, because you would be filtering out a lot of unnecessary noise.  You could also, place a mic, that records  lets say 6000 – 10,000 hertz, near  the fingering. You could mix the 2 recordings and get a “realistic” sound, because you are focusing on whats important in the instrument, and blocking out everything else. You can do, these filtering with Inductors, and coils.  Many people believe that can just fix the sound in POST production, and to some degree you can, but if you just record it right you are better off. This is why, if you listen to some of the old stuff by like the beatles, and pink floyd it can just blow your mind as to the quality they got. These engineers where like rocket scientists!!!

Well. Lastly, here Lets mention money.  Money, meaning the cash dollars, is sort of like the life blood of the government. Especially, in that they position its value in connection to military might, weapons, and maintaining markets, that dictate its “value”. It seems to have a place, as everyone is doing it. Yet, the important Quality mechanic is to know where is does not have a place.  Money can appear in places where it has no place and create problems, but only if you allow it to. It can also appear in places and create answers, which is the side of money that most people look at. Many people, through contract, allow for money to create problems, with the hopes that it will create an answer. The answer  really comes from you, and your creativity, so money solutions in this way are not quality. People with money experience, know that money , used to create problems, can put people in a weakened state, and then they can dominate there. Seeing that the domination, is not just a money thing is important, and is a great matter of self-empowerment. It is also a way to break some mental chains that hold you back.

It is important to realize that other things have value, and learn to accumulate other things of value, OTV, which are energy. For the cat, it was quite unfortunate, to, become entangled with the man Schrödinger,  like a victim of a predator.




The Theory of the Hi-Fi Temple.

Various methods of recording and playing back sound have existed  for about 80 years. Rock and roll, emerged around mid century 1950-1960, in an amplified form, the invention of HI-FI sound came about right after that.  Stanley Owsley , seemingly pioneered many concepts, in HI-FI, and amplified sound delivery. He created a monster of a system, called the WALL OF SOUND, of which he managed to move around the planet, for many years, through mutual work with the Grateful Dead, and Crew, the help of the Fans, the dead heads.  He did something, it was a great effort, and should not be forgotten or overlooked.

The concept of creating a sound space, with very clear and high definition is great. But the concept of being moved by that sound to different consciousness, and textures of feeling, is far more involved. The Main Idea, behind Hi-Fi temple, is that our brain and body process sound, on levels we have yet to understand, and explore. By creating a Hi definition mono field system and focusing a lot of attention to it we can learn to feel into sounds in ways we never imagined.

Imagine for a moment, that in the beginning of amplified sound, mono was the norm. It sounded great, and the people who listened to it, felt really good feelings from this music sound field. When it expanded into stereo, they were able to process , it from experience in different ways, then people who have always just listened to stereo music. Some pretty good sound systems emerged, and you could find them all over.

However with the digital age, and that mass production of cheap components, or the use of sub par components in equipment, cutting corners, on quality to the point where its hard to find anything that sounds good. We have come into a time, where we are using high level computing to create sounds that mimic hi-fi pretty good digitally, even through low quality components.  But we should not sale ourselves short. We should still be trying to create amazing sound and feelings. People should not only have to hear a cheap imitation of a thing, but should have the equipment to replicate the experience.

I think its a good idea to understand some of the engineering behind, it , so you can create and fix things the way they need to be for your situation. The industry right now, is not out to make amazing transistors/ICs for our sound products, but instead are trying to miniaturize everything to the point where no one can understand how it works. They want you to get everything from a thing that fits in your pocket, and eventually even smaller. However this is not how sound works, sound needs space, and things to bounce off of.

We, when we listen, are monitoring , the sound “currents”, as they move around in the air. We use our ears, and eyes, feelings, and brain processes. We can use our mouths to mimic , communicate , and represent sounds.  Musicians can often hum a tune to another musician, and they can play it. This is a developed , process. Sound is, in science represented as AC or alternating current, this is provable, through the mechanism of cancellation. If you reverse polarity, the same sound signal, and play it at with the original polarity it will become unhearable, or at least it will make a strange phasing sound, which is another sound completely created by the out of phase frequencies.

Hi-Fi, is in part the reduction of this effect, as much as possible, unless wanted. Noise, and distortion,  are also, somewhat important to control. But noise and distortion are useful, as well. The noise and distortion effects , in recordings, however do not always do it justice. Thus it is important to learn how to use noise and distortion, in relation to recording, instead, of just recording it. This can be understood, better, by listening to how sound effects a audio Tube, harmonically, when it reaches certain frequencies and sound levels. You can record, the effect, how ever, it will not recreate, in the same way, even through the same system. No 2 Hi-Fi temples will be the same, But the principle behind it can be similar, and thus, if sounds are recorded, for the Hi-Fi temple they will sound better, on the system.

Sound is something very tangible. Many things in physics, we can not see, or feel. Yet, with sound, we can, this is why it is so important. In most regards, with sound, you can transpose your understandings, and theories, to other levels of reality, or different dimensions of thought, and feeling. It is also, a key, to understand, the subjectivity of reality. It is also a hammer, to break apart misunderstanding, and nail together realities, and energies, across “time and space”.

We, with our eyes, can not look at the sun, for very long,  but we can look long enough to get an image, and an after image. We can with some focus, think back on what the sun looked like. (which constantly modulates) It will not really be the same way twice, from our point of view. When you dream, and you are outside, where is the light coming from? When you think back on a moment, where does the light come from, to light your imagination/vision.  Well lets imagine that in part, we have gathered light into us(tai Chi). Lets also imagine, that we have absorbed sounds, into us, and we can with our throat, mouth, and mind focus, represent sounds, that create light spaces across our  mind and body. We can make, very small sounds, through our will, completely in audible, but basically like thought, and it is a component of thought.

When we “visualize” this light, it is a representation , and it is not at the exact, transposition as the original source. However, if the light of the sun, is in many ways beyond our concept of time, this light, in some ways, is the beginning and end, in our understanding. It is also of a dimension beyond, what we, can truly experience, and we merely can represent it, and transpose it to our own vibrations, that we can experience. Yet this light, has imprinting from, these higher dimensions, and also, there are mechanics in place that filter, and slow things down, to our experiential level.

Based on the last paragraph, imagine for a moment, that dragons live on the sun. What we see as light, they, because they are on the experiencing vibration of that light, may not see it as light, they may hear it as sound, or just “air”. But something is vibrating, and energy is coming from the sun. These Dragons are, listening, to the general vibrations of that place, and seeing something different then what we are seeing. They are not burning up, but vibrating at a frequency, that cancels out that effect(of burning), yet they are experiencing sound, at the threshold frequencies, within that cancellation. Which would be, what we, consider light. From our perception, they are being of light, and of the sort that is hard for us to look at. But, can we listen to it, and represent it, somehow within our self?

Tai Chi, is in part the process of listening to the Sun, and also in part the process of listening to the Earth. There are many other parts to Tai Chi, But these are something to think on, and become inspired by, when you feel like maybe nothing is coming from your Tai Chi practice. Hi-Fi temple, is a tool to represent things a little above our usual pay grade here, on earth.

A huge part of Hi-Fi temple construction is room design.  Not so much in shape,  or size, but surface area, and surface area components. Certain sounds, also create self surface area effects, and in theory so do thoughts, and modes of our calendar(Tai Chi calendar),  In that moon phases effect the -density and light- surface area, in your location. These modulations, when documented, for your location, can play a role, in the construction of your room design.

I want to note hear, pun, that digital sound can be rounded out , simply by using an inductor or coil.  Digital sound,  could be comprised of any number of offsets, and square waves, hidden within the code( even dropped information ). Even though , it is probably not possible to measure, any rounding/blurring in the offsets, because it could literally be happening on a “quantum level”, it is happening,  inductors, its what they do .  Properly dithered digital sounds, will also be, better.

Remember Tape cassettes, well these had noise, and with dithering you can set a noise, that is far less then it was with tapes. Or you can actually just use tapes, the hi quality ones, the sound is literally stored in a magnetic method, which is actually quite amazing, and most likely will make a comeback, even in the storage of digital information, not most likely but most definitely. They will find, that they can store, an infinity of information, on a few inches of tape. Because, the amount of information contained, in  just music, on a tape, is quite a bit. Imagine playing a tape at 1 centimeter per hour, this tape has, 256 tracks, Each track, can play at different positions on the tape. Makes you wonder what that noise is?

What I am trying to Relate, is that the Theory of Hi-Fi temple in an important one and it goes with Tai Chi quite well. Many things will over lap, in the two practices. One Tai Chi position, in this regard, is to simply clasp your hand behind your head, and extend your ear, into the formation  and listen into it. If your slowly, and in a manner of Tai Chi move your arms , like a butterfly method, you will be able to focus and gather energy  in a focused way.  Some of the feelings here, can give you a lot of information about other Tai Chi movements. When you look into the mono-field, using this position, you can focus in many ways.

Do not underestimate the power of Hi-Fi temple, I have given you here, an amazing tool. One that can heal you, in ways that you can not even imagine yet. This is not necessarily secret information, in fact.  It is information that is misdirected, it seems. I want , any student of mine to be able to build one of these, from electronic trash, and maybe a few bought components. You may at first doubt, the information, but I assure you if you work at it, you will find yourself healed by this device, and you will want to understand more.

As of this time I am in no hurry to get all the information out about this, or even about Tai Chi, I am working at it at my own pace. From what I have given so far, you should  be able to literally achieve a much greater consciousness.  I want to set myself up, so I can teach these subjects for  much of my life. I realize, many people are not open to the information. I am not promoting the information either, because at this time I feel like there is not quite enough content, and it could use some editing, and a little help.

My monitoring of the Tai Chi movement in the US, pretty much paints the picture that Old people are interested because, it will help them with mental processing and motor function, including balance. This is “scientifically Proven”. WELL everything in HI-FI temple is also proven, however the information is so vast, no science can cover it, they scratch the surface with quantum mechanics, but they appear to have trouble understanding that Light is a variable modulation that brings consciousness, and in many timbre. Sound is light, sound can be “seen”. At our current frequency we have more to gain from sound, in many ways.  But even if we increase our frequency to the speed of light, we would perceive what we once perceived as light, as sound, in many cases.(We would also build a HI-FI temple there. )Which, is a concept clearly implied in relativity, but not spoken of.






Theory of Tai Chi

One of the first things I mention and talk about is The Idea that when you become LIGHT whats outside of you Becomes more DENSE (also the inverse). If you try and think about This Theory in with the popularly held Idea, that there is a limited amount of energy in the universe, Then it would take you to  the Conclusion that the universe is a careful balance, that must be held in order to live. It seems that these conclusions are very mainstream, or at least secret fears of people who have thought about life and the world, as it seems. X

Instead however, it seems more likely that there is a constant birthing of energy, from an unseen place or places that should flow out of us and through us, and that we can call upon and use in practice, with our thoughts ,desires, movements.   There is also the constant modulation and movements because of consciousnesses(our own, and others). It is difficult to say what kind of movement occurred before consciousness became aware of itself. It has been described as a grand reveree or slumber (in the story of The Original Cause), but some energies, where in effect along with darkness and space, some movements had been happening , and perhaps even , in theory , attempts not to move so much  for  a feeling that movement would increase consciousness? At the very first movements, and wakefulness, there was a hesitation as to what was happening, and what it could mean?

The theory, is that we possess a “mechanic”, within our consciousness that creates the perceived limits of this energy, especially in relation to our own bodies, or  perception of our selves in relation to what is outside of us. A relation to what we perceive/ believe/ Judge we are as a -self identified- consciousness emergence. This mechanic of imprinting inspires misunderstandings about experience and movement, which has over time settled into a generalization.

In theory , we can say, perhaps intuition about what was happening in the beginning was sending messages and understanding out, about the “responsibility of consciousness”, and because of the lack of complexity, it was probably right on, about itself, Creating a truth, that was not completely interpreted as desirable by the totality (creating complexity). In some ways , just because change can be hard to accept sometimes? , and in other ways out of confusion?, certain Denials of energies and feeling started happening. Some things began to be held outside of consciousness. Yet these things, still had an effect on consciousness, and the experience. They did not just go away, However, the experience these things had, was not a positive experience, It was a warped experience, riddled with darkness and density, and eventually pain and suffering. In some cases Progressing until numbness and death in those parts. Encoding the surface of consciousness with an experiential program memory that was very undesirable to look at. Leading to misunderstanding upon Misunderstanding.

Perhaps, Even just a consideration of the intuitive feeling, and a little more time with the surface and moment of that, would have yielded a more productive exploration at the origin of consciousness. This may have led to some more effective systems, from the beginning? But we can not change the past,we can however, through understanding change how we feel about the past, and collect more consciousness.

In a way, In theory, we can say, that this sort of initial circuit of action and motion, in regard to these things and consciousness, was and is the opposite of Tai Chi Practice. By understanding what not to do, we can gain some insight into what to do. The information for this, is now embedded in the original consciousness, and insight can be gained and evolved, by efforts to make an alignment with this information. You can ask for this , and look for it anywhere, and even within. We are not the trailblazers, of this knowledge, just like with most things. We can however use our own consciousness to , form original and creative effect, and embed the information in our own lives until it has a real outcome, and we begin to feel real change in the world. Seeing information penetrate the generalization and cause much needed movement, in places of long held density.

One(or another) of the reasons, this information is difficult to grasp, and takes time to understand. Also being that you must, develop the information over time, into yourself,  into your surroundings, and put the light into the earth. Is in theory, that DNA holds different gateways of understanding connections, related to possible outcomes of information or forms that the information may take. Including Human form, other animal forms, plant forms, and even somewhere in between. A communication can occur, through certain methods of coupling, but it is certain that we live in an experience with some limitations as to how conscious we can be. Your particular consciousness adds a tone, or timbre to information as well. We are coupled with our bodies, and even through some action of “inductance”?, trapped(in our bodies).

Like I have stated Before, I figured this information out when I was very young, and it evolved to a great understanding around 1991.  The time I have experienced, since then, may have very well been thousands of years of time, in my previous understanding of time. At some point , I realized, it was almost impossible to simply convey the information to another person, or teach them (although they would listen to me, because i think they felt an expansive nature). People are also not jumping out of the woodwork, to learn it.  Science and technology, are using and studying some of the principles, however, they are not openly talking about monitoring systems(like our bodies). In fact industry has limited monitoring down to a 4×6 screen you carry in your pocket, and use to pretend you have lots of friends and know what they are doing. Someone is in fact monitoring, and most likely using your computing power, for other purposes. Meanwhile, “they/we” are manipulating the way you think and feel. The real benefits of computing, for the public, are not much different now, then they were 20 years ago? And what did people ever do before computers? Well your body is , and has advanced computing, and other functions of an advanced nature that can be found and evolved. Computing science, is at the point where it can go no futhur then to just learn from nature, which is evidently why, Micro-dosing LSD has become a silicon valley standard. However, all computer science has ever really done is learn from nature, so its perfectly OK to look/feel to nature for answers, and questions.

Evolving a theory,   IS a conscious effort. Many, many things exist, that would not have existed if people just gave up because of the initial results. In fact some of the greatest technology break through s, in our reality, occurred after years of “failure” and “focus”,  If you have a feeling about something, it is possible you are just on a learning curve towards understanding the thing. There are really no short cuts, in many instances of things, and you may have to go through processing of connecting the DOTS, towards, the manifestation of your desire.

Somewhere in my blog order, is a theory called Skeptical Tai Chi. I want to connect this to the Threshold Understanding, and also the concept , Knowledge of Uncertainty. Knowledge of uncertainty , something that many people would compare to, Margin of Error, In regard to Tai Chi is not really Margin of Error, because Error, would collapse the system, and Tai Chi itself, is not going to collapse. In “fact” Uncertainty is more of a buffer, then an error. In many cases, it will become just as important as what, you are not skeptical about or, maybe even more Important. Uncertainty itself, can and will receive energy.



Videos Of Tai Chi

Flamenco is certainly a Tai Chi Practice, The FLAME .

There are clear examples of Dithering and Gathering energy, as well as allowing the energy to express in the body, As well the use of music and sound.

a man doing some Slower form of Tai Chi

this video, shows a few useful things to see, and also Ideas.

this Guy does some experiments

This girl is walking  and recording her experience, I think this is a good video not because I think she has a moral right to anything, but it demonstrates energy. You can go walk way out in the wood with no one around, or you can walk in public? Same thing with Tai Chi practice, If you do Your Tai Chi in public, many people will look at you and maybe say something to you, maybe ask questions, or even insult you.

This video shows an “unattractive ” woman walking, and she gets a lot less attention from other people. There are some lessons in those two videos, that can be important in Tai Chi Practice. I have no Moralistic opinion on these videos, The merely demonstrate part of the practice of walking. Both women were moving through dimension and breaking up density, and both women were dithering.

Time lapse walk in the woods. Demonstrates the multidemisionality of walking. Perhaps this makes some point with the previous 2 videos also.

Ok so next we have a video about sound, and the brain. This video does in fact show, the connection between Tai Chi and Hi-Fi temple, In which we use a mono-Field, and our own brain to create dimension.

Resonant Inductive Coupling

The use of Hi-Fi Temple, in the context of Tai Chi ,  Scientifically could be referred to as Bio-mechanical resonant inductive coupling. It is a conscious intent, to become part of a multi-band resonant reaction magnetic near field. It was most likely Tesla’s intent to bring this to the world, and he Did, SUCCESSFULLY.  The components to create these  fields are most likely right within your reach. The conscious intent, however is a different matter, as well the focus on the Seven pillars of Truth, and a practical Tai Chi Life style(only meaning balance).

All Three of Those matters, is in some way in constant peril, because we have a generalization spinning in a direction away from consciousness, In which we have to confront energetically.  This generalization, has shown that it will  blow itself up, in the quest for proof, power always has to be greater and greater. This is an over dose mentality, you can see, just by looking at mankind’s consumption of alcohol.  Moderation, in all things, is the ultimate Truth you can give to this generalization. But balance is a conscious intent.

Your ears will tell you ” hey man this shit is too loud, turn it down, Turn it down”. Its not going to kill you, to have it too loud, but it is creating some problems. If certain death is the safety protocol, there is no balance.

Look at your hands, as we do, in this teaching, ever since day one, or go back to the beginning of this blog, and start from there.  The surface area, of your hands is a multi-band resonant inductive coupling “tool” or just HAND(if you can think of a good acronym). It is infused with consciousness, and connected to computative modulation unit, as well as many more APPs , built into the system.  It is referred to as a PLANAR INDUCTOR.

If you have a scientific background, and understand this, concept, you might want to rethink what your body is and how it works, and where energy actually comes from?   Tai Chi means Supreme-Ultimate, And at this point in the lessons/Blog, we are basically moving up to the next level. There is no Hurry, and in fact, I am not even done editing and completing the past text, but the main framework is there.

The last Few Blogs, are basically an intro to the next sections, or chapter.  I feel, I have put plenty of information, before this.  I am not even sure, if the next part will be digital text form . I may look over You Tube and find videos i feel are to the point, and make a list, of which over time will probably be outdated.



Male or Female?

You will find, a lot of information that states, that one side of your body is male side and other is female. That it is split down the middle, and that maybe in your brain this is reversed.  This seems to very  much like common knowledge and even , common sense knowledge. Well once again, i am going to claim this as Fake News, and once again it is fake in conjunction with a gender role.

If you consider religion to be Fake News, you will also see there how Gender plays a role, as GoD is considered Male, and this is pushed as common knowledge, Even Though females are directly responsible for creating life. We have pointed out to our Offspring, many times that as parents, we are not gods? We are not our childs, Gods?  The word GODS is meaning 2 or more.  Much confusion is injected, into the reality of this, right from the start. Yet, as parents, you created that Child, and much of the process of that seems to be a female function.

Well up until very recently in our current understanding of these things ,  We had no knowledge of what hormones where, and how they could effect, an animals, distribution of things, related to this male and female “essence”. We basically , had visual reference and the moralistic banter of fake news in relations to the GODS.  Some of this information, maybe better then others, But clearly, messed up, and probably for a profit to someone out there.  It is highly possible , that hormones and Gods, have a relationship, in that it was people ways of explaining hormonal reactions in the body. At one time, there may have been quite a clear communication through the symbolism developed around these things. It is even possible that summoning one of these Gods, is a pathway, to that hormonal response in the body. Story telling, is obviously a key to this. Although, this section is not about that.

This section is simply about, braking up the Idea that you have two halves, cut down the middle, one male, one female.  Look at your ARM,  Do you have a rougher hairy side, and a soft hairless side? Is the soft side more sensitive to touch, and has feelings that stay longer then the hairy side?  So consider the hairy side to be male orientated, and the female side to be the soft side. So you do not have one completely hairy arm, and one soft and floppy hairless arm. Each arm utilizes both for some reason. This kind of thing is happening all over your body, and there is no one way to have a Body. It may be that these different parts possess different types of capacitance, and inductance.  But, it your body, and you know how these things feel.

Tai Chi, works with any principle it can find in the body, to gather energy, and ground light. The hair on your body, the lines on your hands and feet, the soft skin of your forearms, The color in your lips. All these things have an original purpose, and they also have other uses, and you can use these things in regard to Tai Chi. It is of benefit, to observe and align to some degree, if those different parts, and functions are female or male, because you may be able to get a better understanding about it, and yourself.